New release:

If you have problems under Windows,please refer to problems under windows [注:请不要使用中文路径]

2020-7-4 (version 1.9.0):

Windows: LESS-1.9.0-win64. (网盘下载:LESS-1.9.0-win64)

Linux: LESS-1.9.0-Ubuntu16.04.

  • An updated GUI based Batch Tool to support more parameters.
  • a complete new Python SDK, which enables users to control almost every parameters (including scene objects) for batch processing.
  • A new simple tree crown tool to create tree crowns by inputing paramters, such as leaf angle distribution.
  • Some bugs reported by users have been fixed (many thanks for their support).
  • A new LiDAR simulator tool (Extensions->Lidar Simulator) has been released (Contribution from Mr. Yaotao Luo).
2019-4-10 (version 1.8.8):

Windows: LESS-1.8.8-win64. (百度网盘下载:LESS-1.8.8-win64)

Linux: LESS-1.8.8-Ubuntu16.04.

  • Update the calculation of four components, when the number of bands is larger than or equal to 5, the output four-component image will contain 5 bands, the first one is the type i.e., 1-illuminated soil, 2- illuminated object, 3-shaded soil, 4-shaded object. The others are proportions of each component.
  • The LAI module now can output vertical profile of LAI
  • Fix some bugs envolved in FPAR/Albedo simulation
  • The 2D display has been enhanced, which can show the tree crown except for the tree position.
2019-3-11 (version 1.8.7):

Windows: LESS-1.8.7-win64.

Linux: LESS-1.8.7-Ubuntu16.04.

  • Add a new Database which contains several tree objects(OBJ file) under folder “LESS/app/Database”
  • A new linechart tool is added to plot optical properties
2018-11-30(version 1.8.6):

Windows: LESS-1.8.6-Windows.

Linux-Ubuntu 16.04: LESS-1.8.6-Ubuntu16.04-GUI.

For more information of using LESS under linux,e.g., CentOS, please refer to Use LESS under Linux

  • Prosect-5 and Prospect-D have been integrated into LESS.
  • Vertical profile of fPAR for each scene component can be simulated.


2018-11-08(version 1.8.5): Download it from here: LESS V1.8.5

  • The reflectance of each pixel of the terrain can be different by inputing a land albedo map.
  • Using triangle mesh as the terrain.

2018-9-14(version 1.8.4): Download it from here: LESS V1.8.4

  • Simulating four component products (e.g., sunlit leaf, sunlit soil, shaded soil, shaded leaf).
  • Introduce repetitive scene for simulating horizontally infinite scenes.
  • Large-scale thermal infrared images (brightness temperature).

2018-1-11(version 1.7): Download it from here: LESS V1.7

  • Circular Fisheye camera, with different projections.


  • be able to set NoDataValue

2017-10-15(version 1.6): Download it from here: LESS V1.6

  • Upward and downward solar radiation calculation
  • Many bugs fixed

2017-5-18(version 1.3): Download it from here: LESS V1.3

  • A complete new tool to extract tree positions from CHM map.
  • Supporting land cover map (each land cover type can be assigned with its own optical property), example.

2017-3-29(version 1.2): Download it from here: LESS V1.2

  • A new tool to define object position by mouse click.
  • Supporting background image, which is useful when creating scenes based on maps (e.g. land cover map)
  • Supporting output synthesized RGB image to have a better view of the created scene.
  • Fix some bugs when import from optical database

2017-3-27(version 1.1): Download it from here: LESS V1.1

  • Unlimited band numbers.
  • Add bandwidth features for band definition
  • A new tool to define band number and bandwidth, especially for large number of bands.
  • A new tool to define instances of objects by poisson distributon and Polygons.
  • select optical properties from some predefined database.

Old release:

A windows 64bit version can be downloaded from here: LESS1.0

An example simulation project can be downlowded: Exmaple