Use LESS under linux

GUI Version

Currently, the GUI version of LESS is only provided for Windows and Ubuntu 16.04.

It can be download here: LESS-1.8.6-Ubuntu16.04-GUI.

After downloading the package, unzip the file, start the program by ./

If a Ubuntu server (e.g., has many cores) does not have a graphic interface, the GUI version of LESS is still usable. You can access the server from a remote client computer (with Ubuntu system) through ssh -Y username@serverIP, and then start LESS by ./ The LESS GUI will display on your client computer, but the actual computation will take place on the server side.

Command line Mode

For other Linux distributions, the GUI is not provided because of some difficulties to package all of them in a single installer. However, the radiative transfer core is compiled and provided for CentOS 6.8. The workflow is: Generate scene file (windows or ubuntu)->upload scene file to linux->run with command line. This is particularly useful when we want to do simulation with a powerful linux server (e.g., high performance computer or clusters).

After scene generation, under “Parameters” folder, there is a folder named “_scenefile”, you can copy all the contents of the folder into the CentOS system. and run with lessrt _scenefile/main.xml. If you are doing a batch simulation, you can also do all the simulations with lessrt _scenefile/nameofbatch*.xml

The command line version of LESS for CentOS can be downloaded from:

CentOS 6.8:

Using command line for Ubuntu system:

If your ubuntu system does not have a graphic user interface or you can only work in command line mode (e.g., servers), the command line is also accessable for Ubuntu. You can download it here,

Ubuntu 16.04:

Now, the workflow is: Generate scene file (windows)->upload scene file to linux->run with command line.

Problems under Windows

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