This section gives answers for questions that are frequently asked by users during the use of LESS. If you meet problems, you can first refer to this section to check if other users have the same problem

1. When you replace an OBJ file with different structures, why simulation gives the same results?

This is mainly because of the cache mechanism. In LESS, an OBJ file will be first converted to a binary file, which will then be loaded for simulation. This aim of this mechanism is to reduce the loadding time when you do the next simulation within the same scene. Thus, if you change the OBJ file for a previous simulation, but keep the OBJ name unchanged. The next simulation will load the previously cached binary file. Then the simulation results will be the same. An solution is to disable this caching feature by uncheck the 【Cache OBJ file】 in the 【Objects】panel in the LESS GUI.

2. 使用Simple Crown Creator创建具有聚集效应的树冠场景时,生成的OBJ文件只有树干而没有树冠轮廓?